Quiz on american literature periods colonial

Speak now. Scott Fitzgerald, etc. These are just a few of the great names of American Literature. Which one is F. Which genre is Edgar Alan Poe considered to have invented? All those reading assignments in high-school are about to pay off now with our American Literature trivia.

Take the quiz, answer all of the questions and create another memorable work of art. Fame and fortune are very close. Can you deliver? Advanced Placement and American Literature classes need to take this quiz by Friday, January 15, You may use your notes from class presentations.

All questions are based on the presentations of your Sample Question. An examination of life as it actually is. A romantic portrayal of life. An examination of the countryside versus the city. A sad and depressing view of reality. A type of writing that examines nothing but death.

Trivia Test.

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What we have here is a quiz on American literature and composition EOC! The quiz is perfect for not helping you review what you know about literature works but also how to write a book that will not be forgotten in history. Trivia Quiz. Are you reading for an American literature and composition EOC test? The trivia quiz below is designed to help you test out what you know about the different literature works written in America, the writers behind them, and what He is suggesting that his point of view is unimportant.

He is adopting a point of view similar to the one he has criticized. He is providing an example of why other characters mock his point of view.Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website.

See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Published on Jan 18, Philippine literature.

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quiz on american literature periods colonial

Philippine literature during american period. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this presentation? Why not share! Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode.

quiz on american literature periods colonial

Published in: Education. Full Name Comment goes here.Survey of American lit from the colonial and early national period. Related Flashcards. Create Flashcards Flashcards.

American Literature Trivia and Quizzes

View Flashcards. Number of cards: All 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Changes are done, please view the flashcard. Shuffle Cards. Clep American Government Flashcards. American Literature Periods And Authors. Related Topics. Spanish Literature. World Literature. English Literature.

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British Literature. Music Literature. Front Back Born near the port city of Genoa, Italy, embarked on a career at sea as a young man.

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The Spanish monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella, supported him in his quest to locate a commercially viable route to Asia, and between and he sailed across the Atlantic four times. Born in Yorkshire, England, was one of the first "pilgrims" to sail across the Atlantic on the Mayflower and settle in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Of Plymouth Plantation is a long and painstaking account of the small settlement at Plymouth and the much larger colonization at Massachusetts Bay ten years later.

The most famous moment in Model of Christian Charity is his "city upon a hill" analogy. He attended Cambridge University for two years, where he first encountered Puritan thought.

Both her husband and her father shared Puritan beliefs, and the two families sailed to New England with John Winthrop's fleet. Wrote : The Author to Her Bookwhich evidently was written as the epigraph to the second edition of her collection of poems.

The strategy was popular from the Middle Ages onward through Milton. There she married a minister, and for twenty years they raised their children and went about their duties in the colony.

Mary Rowlandson.This course surveys American Literature from the Pre-Colonial Period through the mid-nineteenth century. It begins with the Age of European Exploration and interaction with Native American cultures and continues through the 18th century Enlightenment, the American Renaissance, and the Romantic movement, ending with the beginning of American Realism.

The literature is studied within the context of history and culture and with an emphasis on literary periods. Students will utilize various critical approaches and reading strategies as they examine important authors and themes of these periods. View Instructors. Your final grade will be based on the following breakdown. Please note that each instructor may choose to make modifications.

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quiz on american literature periods colonial

Causey ung. After completing this course, you will be able to Identify the genres, major writers and important schools in American literature from the pre-colonial era to the opening volleys of the Civil War. Summarize, interpret, and infer hypotheses regarding selected texts. Identify the cultural factors that shaped American literature and define the common concerns of humanity as expressed through literature. Accept Decline.Thirteen British colonies were established and could be divided into three geographic areas: New England, Middle, and Southern.

Each colony had specific economic, social, and political developments that were unique to the regions. However, all colonies were governed by the British and there was little diviation from European literary styles until the early Americans began to become their owe people. It looks like you're using Internet Explorer 11 or older. This website works best with modern browsers such as the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

If you continue with this browser, you may see unexpected results. Emphasis is placed on historical background, cultural context, and literary analysis of selected prose, poetry, and drama. Major Themes: will and work relationship between humans and nature differences between European and Native American culture spiritual feelings entertainment political.

Credo Reference. Films on Demand Films On Demand is a state-of-the-art streaming video platform that makes it easier than ever to incorporate outstanding educational programs from Films Media Group into your content management systems, online lesson plans, distance learning courseware, or electronic card catalog system.

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Gale eBooks Searchable collection of online reference titles and test prep ebooks. Literature Database Full-text works of poetry, prose and drama, and secondary sources such as author biographies, literary criticisms, essays, reviews and interviews. Designed with schools and public libraries in mind. Literature Resource Center Articles, critical essays, work and topic overviews, full-text works, and biographies covering authors, their works, and literary movements.

Anthony, Clara Barton, Dorothea L. Dix, Julia Ward Howe, and more. Poetry for Students Features discussion and analysis of poems of all time periods, nations, and cultures. Provides an overview of the poem and discussion of its principal themes, images, form and construction. ProQuest Central This database serves as the central resource for researchers at all levels. Covering more than subjects areas, ProQuest Central is the largest aggregated database of periodical content. This award-winning online reference resource features a highly-respected, diversified mix of content including scholarly journals, trade publications, magazines, books, newspapers, reports and videos.

Puritan/Colonial/Age of Reason American Literature Test

American-Literature: Colonial Period Infoplease. Early American and Colonial Period to American Literature Colonial to Libguide. Anne Bradstreet. From Anne Bradstreet to the beats, from Native American chant and Shaker hymnody to Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson, religion and spirituality have always been central to American poetry.

In this unique anthology, world-renowned scholar Harold Bloom weaves a tapestry from the many strands of American religious experience and practice: the searching meditations of Puritan pioneers, the evangelical fervor of the Great Awakenings, the mystical currents of transcendentalism, the diverse influences of the world religions that have taken root in modern America. The poems in this unprecedented volume are a lasting testimony to the American spirit and its unremitting quest for ultimate truth and meaning.

R4 A44 The Salem Witch Trials by Laura Marvel Editor The execution of 20 people accused of witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts, in continues to haunt Americans and perplex historians today. The selections in this book offer a variety of perspectives on the Salem witch crisis.

Call Number: BF S24 The 20th Century American Literature quiz. Progress: 1 of 20 questions. This quiz covers a rather wide range of topics. If you get all the answers right you should feel proud of yourself.

Progress: 2 of 20 questions. Progress: 3 of 20 questions. Progress: 4 of 20 questions. Who is the author of the 'alphabet series' "A" Is for Alibi, etc. Progress: 5 of 20 questions. One of these novels is not set during World War II:. Progress: 6 of 20 questions. Progress: 7 of 20 questions. Progress: 8 of 20 questions. Robert F. Progress: 9 of 20 questions.

What was the cause of death? An American Tragedy. Progress: 10 of 20 questions. Progress: 11 of 20 questions. Death of a Salesman. Progress: 12 of 20 questions. Progress: 13 of 20 questions. James M.

Module 1, Lesson 1, Part 2: Spanish Colonial Literature

Progress: 14 of 20 questions.Index Newest Popular Best. Sign Up: Free!

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Log In. Here you will find quizzes covering the work of a range of authors, all writing about the United States or its colonial predecessor. Quizzes on books by a single author will be found listed under that author's surname.

CLEP American Literature - Beginnings-1830

Over quiz questions in rotation. Recent Scores. Trivia Questions. Heller, Joseph Henry, O. Tough rjchief Jul 03 03 plays. Tough rjchief Aug 03 03 plays. Difficult LipstickC Feb 17 18 plays. Difficult brandiwyne77 Dec 30 06 plays. Oklahoma Literature 10 questions Average10 Qns, thaver, May 31 Average thaver May 31 06 plays. Average SixShutouts66 Oct 03 20 plays. Tough misshuxley Oct 12 03 plays. Tough JMElston Jan 21 15 plays. Easy cathyR88 Jul 13 13 plays. Texas Literature 10 questions Tough10 Qns, deaconblues63, Jun 26 Tough deaconblues63 Jun 26 15 plays.

Tough flem-ish Mar 22 02 plays. Page 1 - Page 2. This is category See our education page.


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